Introducing The Bouquet Speculum

a revolutionary tool that can potentially transform the cervical cancer screening

Bouquet Speculum™ is Game Changer

  • Ease of use for the clinician.
  • One-Size-Does Fit-All : through its concentric opening, the speculum is suitable for all women, including multi-gravidae, women with high BMI, nulliparous or menopausal women and adolescent girls.
  • FDA approved.
  • High-quality device manufactured in an ISO 13485 approved facility.

Bouquet Speculum™

  1. Universal Adjustable Fit: The dilator offers a versatile and customizable fit, ensuring comfort and ease of use for all patients.
  2. Smooth Insertion and Versatile Usage: Its rounded edges and slim insertion point facilitate gentle and precise placement, enhancing patient comfort. The uniquely angled handle allows for flexible usage on any surface, ensuring convenience and adaptability.
  3. Integrated Penlight Holder: Designed with a dedicated space for a penlight, enabling enhanced visibility during examinations.
  4. Innovative Radial Petal Design: Featuring a five-petaled speculum that gracefully opens in a radial fashion, providing a revolutionary approach to gynaecological procedures.
  5. Enhanced Safety: The thoughtfully designed gaps between the petals minimize the risk of pinching, prioritizing patient safety. The speculum’s radial opening ensures evenly distributed force, significantly reducing patient discomfort during procedures.
  6. Unobstructed Cervical View: The five-petaled speculum, with its radial opening, guarantees an unobstructed and comprehensive view of the cervix, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.
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